Shopping assistant: Can I help you?

Mother: Yes, I want pants and a shirt for my son.

Shopping assistant: We have  blue, black, orange pants and red, green, purple shirts.

Mother: Orange pants please and this red shirt, please.

Son (Den) : Mom I don’t like red and orange colors. I like black and green colors.

Mother: Okay, green shirt please and black pants.

Shopping assistant: Okay, the changing room is over there.

Son (Den) : Oh it is so nice. I want this.

Mother: Okay how much is this?

Shopping assistant: 17.000 Armenian drams.

Mother: It is so expensive. Have you  got a cheaper shirt and pants?

Shopping assistant: sorry but no they are expensive but they are so beautiful.

Mother: Okay I will buy them.

Shopping assistant: Would you like to pay by credit card or with cash?

Mother: credit card please.

Shopping assistant: Thank you good bye.

Mother: Good bye.